Wine Tourism in Argentina

First destination: Salta

Before the discovery of America in the lands of Salta lived peoples of high culture. That land hid black gold and minerals and was rich in tropical fruits.

But in the eighteenth century came to this land of sunshine, holding hands of the Jesuits, the first vineyards from Peru. These vines took root “four miles from the town of Molinos” in the La Bodega, today La Angostura.

After that first experience of the Jesuit missionaries came other pioneers in the art of wine, as Dona Carmen Frías Ten, owner of the winery, “Industry” in the mid-nineteenth century, Thomas, Francis and Peñalba Basile, owners “El Recreo” Silverio and Jose Antonio Chavarria in “La Banda” and “La Rosa”, all of Cafayate, and Mrs. Gabriela Michel Torino in Tolombón.

Between 1910 and 1920, one hundred years after the proclamation of Independence, the brothers David and Salvador Michel sought lands favorable to settle down and to try luck with something they loved: making wine. Thus, acquired “El Recreo”, and by 1930 “La Banda” and “The Rose.”

Famous Michel Torino winery relates that when they knew they were more than 1,700 meters high, they decided that “higher grounds should be designed for the finest strains.” It was the perfect coordinate to make unique wines.

Then more winemakers came and wine culture rooted forever in Salta. They found the optimum height for vineyards, perfect land with slopes and rocky and sandy soil, wet by water coming down from the mountains.

Another characteristic was the great annual thermal amplitude of this region, which in the days of summer rises to 38 degrees Fahrenheit and down to 12 overnight.

With experience of working in the first altitude vineyards, vintners were able to ensure 350 days of sunshine annually that would make clusters mature.

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