Why choose us?

  • LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEE: We are the ONLY Spanish language center that offers a “Price Guarantee”: If you find another Spanish Center with lower prices than ours, we will refund you the difference.

  • CEDIC is run by a young family with real family values and that’s the kind of atmosphere that pervades all around. Rather than clients, CEDIC students are student-friends.

Unlike large corporative schools in which students pay in advance and the school management plays a hands off role, no advance payment is required at CEDIC: Students receive a test session for free and then decide whether to continue on.

This first session is a most fundamental one.  We not only get to know the student, but can also evaluate their previous knowledge and detect how we can optimize their output and listening comprehension.  We also consider their likes and dislikes, preferences, priorities and specific needs.  Based on all these factors, we then get together and decide, along with the student, on the most suitable course of action, which can always be modified.  Our approach wastes no time. 

The fact of living in a Spanish speaking town and being totally immersed in the language, favors faster progress and sometimes students propose modifications to the plans based on their faster than expected pace of advancement.

Although students are assigned a teacher, we at CEDIC Spanish Center always follow up on their progress.

Needless to say, we always welcome their input, although we are always aware of this factor.

Many students have come from other schools or language teachers after a week or so of classes with the realization that they had made a wrong choice and that they need to change their group study or were incorrectly evaluated and therefore received lessons in the wrong level or also notice that they were in the wrong school altogether.

Here at CEDIC, we carefully place students who will have lessons at their Company office, in the groups that best suit their situation saving precious time and money avoiding constant regrouping or changes of instructors.


In our 27 years of existence, we have rarely if ever witnessed discontent students.


Our students start and finish their courses with us.  We experience tremendous joy upon their return after months or years sometimes, to either say hello or to take courses to further their studies.

We constantly welcome a remarkable number students recommended by our ex-students.


Why our students have chosen CEDIC?

“On a sunny day of January, in Buenos Aires, after visiting several schools in Spanish, I meet my CEDIC teacher for my trial lesson. I was impressed as the first time I was greeted and spoke to me in Spanish!!!! me !!!! after a few minutes, my teacher made ​​me simple questions and patiently waiting for my answers. All my nerves disappeared and I found myself “speaking” in Spanish!

I was happy because I knew that this time would not start learning Spanish from zero again, but rather the teachers would try to make me remember what I had studied. Grrrrrrrreat!!!!

Christopher, from Germany.

I had previously taken Spanish classes in different countries of South America and in Spain. What is distinctive here is that while teachers can speak perfect English, always motivate you, push you and give you the opportunity to speak in Spanish. Every time I wanted to do things easily and use English to speak, they used to say “En Español… por favor :)”

Marcel, from Paris.

“Just because they have an excellent staff of experienced native teachers, highly motivated and enthusiastic teachers!”

Kris, form Belgium

“I really forgot why I chose CEDIC.
Was it for their sincere “Cómo estás ?”, their personal approach or their gorgeous “empanadas” I first tried with my teacher in a special outdoor class in Palermo :-)
I only remember I felt immediately at home. 
Thank you Cedic !!!!!”

Marie, from Austria.

“At my arrival in Buenos Aires I had some problems with my lodging, which I had reserved from home.I was really upset in a big, big city that did not know, with a language I could not understand… I was lucky to meet the people of CEDIC that held me and helped me as a “daughter”

Luckily the CEDIC people offered a helping hand, so I ended up in the house of a lovely Argentinean family.”

Andrea, from Suitzerland.


Michael, Australia.

“The central location in the “micro centro” together with th eposibility of combine indoor and outdoor lesson around the city attracted me immediately; Near shops, restaurants and in the middle of the touristic centre.
An excellent starting point to get to know this marvelous city.”

Joaquín, from Brasil.

The teachers here are encouraged to make students speak in Spanish.

If students have previously taken Spanish classes, we do not make them study all over again. We do a quick and productive review to keep going. We know that for students to take classes, pay for a course, and travel to another country, this implies an effort from every point of view. Definitely here you will not waste a minute of precious time.”

Profesora Vero.

“All staff members are highly qualified, very experienced Spanish instructors and well aware, not only of the different necessities but also of the diverse ways in which students like to be taught.  We are all treated very respectfully and given freedom to best perform our job.”

Prof. Lidia, Teacher of CEDIC Spanish center in Buenos Aires.

At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.