There are a lot of Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires, but…What makes CEDIC the best school for learning Spanish  in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

  1. 22 years of Experience: CEDIC School a family run business. We are one of the first Spanish Schools founded in Argentina.  One important thing that makes our school special is that we have started as a Spanish language school since the beginning. What is the difference? Many other schools have started as English schools. This is a very important characteristic to be taken into account since we have 22 years of experience teaching Spanish (not English), working with Spanish language instructors, selecting Spanish language books and material, teaching Spanish to foreign students…no English.
  2. We give our students what we offer. At CEDIC school we are convinced that students will be satisfied with our Courses and services therefore we don´t request payment in advance.  To offer to our students 100% guarantee of contentment they first take, experience and pay for only one week of Spanish lessons and then can decide to add extra weeks to their Spanish Course.
  3. Countless satisfied former students: 99% and no less of our former students highly recommend our school to other people because they really can speak Spanish after taking our Courses.   
  4. Excellent communication among teachers, staff and students:  we are proud of the pool of teachers with whom we have been working for years. Regular reunions give our teachers the possibility of having discussions about the teaching methodology, the learning material, the level, ability and progress of each student of our school. It makes easier to put new students into a proper and suitable class. This is not easy to do. Actually it is a flaw of many other schools. Another difference that students and owners of the accommodation have told us is that some huge schools don´t hear students when they have questions or problems (with their accommodations or Spanish lessons) because neither the Director nor the owners of the schools are there to help or face these situations. Here, at CEDIC School, our students know that we will be always available and present to talk and find a resolution to any concern they may have. We are instructors first and then businessmen.
  5. Outstanding Methodology and learning material. Experience is again the clue. There is another differentiation with our school that we know from students who have started taking lessons somewhere else and ended up learning with us:  they comment that numerous schools put the emphasis in the extracurricular activities, but our main concern is making sure that our students will able to speak Spanish!

6.    Excellent accommodation options: Why are we different from other schools? Throughout all this years we have been capable of building up a group of home stays, students´ shared apartments and private furnished apartment carefully selected. We stopped working with some accommodations that students presented complaints and we continued working with only the ones that we know our students have not criticisms and where they feel entirely satisfied. This is something that schools with less years of experience are not able to do.

7.    We communicate cultural aspects of our city  and country.Language is the most important aspect of the Culture therefore at CEDIC School our  students learn about South America and Argentina culture. This information is given to our students in classes thoroughly  texts and newspapers, listening histories about traditions and customs;  talking among students and teachers; encouraging our students to participate in cultural events such as “Tango lessons”  http://www.cedic.com.ar/tango-lessons/ and other Latin dance lessons, taking typical “Argentinean cuisine lessons”  http://www.cedic.com.ar/argentine-cooking-lessons-in-buenos-aires/  or taking a day trip with Argentinean people by join  our “Mix up Exchange Program” http://www.cedic.com.ar/mix-up-exchange/ that provides our students the possibility of enjoy fun activities among Argentine local people who wants to meet  people and learn about other cultures.  “Fileteado Porteño lessons and tour” http://www.cedic.com.ar/fileteado/ is an amazing and unique cultural activity where students can discover how fileteado manifests itself in the city, giving Buenos Aires its unique look. More activities we offer are walking city tours during the day and/or night, week end bike city tours, participate in football matches, visiting the best ranches of Argentina, full day trip to Tigre area, etc.

For all this reasons we have built up a very strong reputation (among foreign students, Argentinean people, companies and people who work with us  -home stays owners, travel agents, activities operators, transfer drivers and foreign agencies-) that allows us to be recommended by the Secretaría de Turismo de la Nación and also to be included in the most important travel guides such us The Lonely Planet and -Footprint travel guides among others.


At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.