The Iguazu Falls in Argentina, South America


Location: The Falls are located in Argentina, on the northwest corner of the Misiones province, 18 km from Puerto Iguazu, where waters offer a unique show with its 275 falls that reach 70 meters. They are surrounded by the virgin forests of Iguazú National Park that protects more than 2,000 species of flora and 400 species of birds and wildlife. The word “Iguazú” means “Great Waters” in the language of the Guarani Indians who once inhabited this region.

Description: Two thirds of the 275 waterfalls are located within Argentina. However, one has to explore the falls on both sides to appreciate the splendid view from the Brazilian side. To approach the waterfalls and the beauty of the vegetation, birds and butterflies, we must take advantage of walking the catwalk on the Argentine side.  
The lower path allows a closer contact to the waterfalls and natural water holes, so that visitors can enjoy breathtaking scenery where you look beautiful rainbow formed by drops of falling water. On the banks of the river bottom area is the Puerto Iguazú Danger, a makeshift dock access along the walkways below. Here are shipped small boat across the river to San Martin Island or surfing on the side of abundant waterfalls as Arrechea, San Martín, Three Musketeers, Bozetti, and the Garganta del Diablo waterfall.

The highest path extends to the top of the waterfalls on the Iguazu River, where the waterfalls begin. Here you can see the waterfalls Dos Hermanas, Chico, Ramírez, Bozetti, Adam and Eve and the cascade San Martín. From Puerto Canoas, in the upper Iguazu River, it is possible to get to La Garganta del Diablo, with 80 meters high: a spectator area built on this cascade allows travelers to enjoy a spectacular view of the most abundant and impressive waterfall. This drop is 150 feet wide and 700 feet long where the Iguazu River flows to 1,700 m3 per second.

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