Teaching methodology

methodologySince 1989, CEDIC´s unique audiovisual Spanish language teaching method has allowed countless students to learn Spanish and South American culture in a most effective and enjoyable way.

Our Methodology is the result of a well balanced combination of grammar, conversation, listening comprehension and writing with emphasis on communication. Grammar is gradually developed through a variety of practical situations in a friendly atmosphere that encourages student participation and constant interaction. All explanations are given in Spanish. However our staff members are knowledgeable in other languages and they use them whenever necessary. This is an intensive Method that enables to speak and understand the local Argentine language as well as all varieties of standard Spanish language: “Global Spanish”.

Spanish for Special Purposes: These courses have been designed for those high level students who need to improve their Spanish skills in a wide variety of fields such as Business and Economy, Literature, Argentinean and Hispano-American Culture and History, Medical Spanish.

Textbooks and materials

Que Tal? textbooksAll materials have been developed by CEDIC and every student receives a free copy of “Grammar and Exercises for all levels” on the first day of their Spanish class. “Grammar and E…” along with lessons of textbook “¿Qué tal?” are the constant and useful companions of our students. We also supply students with materials tailored to their specific needs and according to their language skills and levels, such as news reports, magazine articles, short stories, novels, etc.

At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.