Teachers and Staff


Our Spanish school was founded in 1989 by Susana Bernardi, Professor of Literatura, Letras e Historia graduated from prestigious school in Argentina, the University of Córdoba. She taught Spanish Grammar at several universities in Buenos Aires and was co-author of the audio-visual Spanish Language Course “¿Qué tal? Curso de Español en Argentina”, published by Nueva Era.

Staff members and teachers

CEDIC teachersWe take pride of our pool of teachers made up of highly qualified and experienced Spanish teachers with university degrees. All have been full-time Spanish professors for years and their abilities include building up students´ confidence from the start. They have grown with us teaching business executives, embassy officials and their family members, graduate and undergraduate students and tourists from the world over. Both our staff members and teachers are knowledgeable in other languages. Their fluency in foreign languages will help you make a smoother transition to your target language.

CEDIC is run by a young family with real family values and that’s the kind of atmosphere that pervades all around.

Discover why our students and teachers choose CEDIC

At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.