Why Buenos Aires, Argentina?

 5 Top Reasons for choosing Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn Spanish

Casa Rosada

1. One of the world´s cheapest places to travel and live.

The economic situation of Argentina and consequently of the  Buenos Aires city, turned the country into a bargain destination for people with foreign currencies from almost all over the world who find the prices even a quarter of the ones compare with their countries. Meals, clothes, services, accommodations and all kind of courses as well as transportation fees will be found by tourists really cheap with metro and bus trips for little more than a peso and downtown taxi services starting at 6 pesos. Hotels, as anywhere, vary from cheap hostels to full service five stars that can run into the thousands of pesos. This allows tourists with a wide range of budget from back packers students to professionals to enjoy this amazing city.

2. Buenos Aires: the gateway to South America.

Due to its location and the wide range of transportations and high level Spanish instructors, most tourist decide starting their trip in this city and then continue to other great Argentinean destinations and then to South America: from the South to the North.

3. Amazing city with amazing people.

Buenos Aires is the capital city of the Republic of Argentina and the country’s largest city and it is also one of the most important cities in Latin America. Located in front of the Río de La Plata, that our students can see from the windows of our Spanish school, this is a modern, dynamic and radiant city that features the European architecture of its founders and absorbs the passion of its people, the “porteños”.  The Cultural diversity  of this city and its sociable and outgoing people who love exchange experiences with foreign people  will make you find this fact and excellent opportunity to put your Spanish knowledge in practice outsides the classroom.                                                         Considered “The Pearl” of South America, Buenos Aires has an intense cultural life where tango, long coffee klatches and football (soccer) are essential elements in its people daily lives. You will find uncountable everyday exhibitions, concerts, music, plays, movies and very fun and interesting nightlife activities. Be preparing not to sleep!

4. The weather.

The climate of Buenos Aires is placid all year round. The represent annual temperature is 18º C (64.4º F), making extremely hot and cold days very infrequent. Therefore, visitors can enjoy walking around the city in any season. Infrequently reaches peaks of 40ºC (110ºF) during the summer, while the coldest months are June and July with temperatures of 0ºC (30ºF) the coldest. This makes Buenos Aires a really all year round destination.

5. Unique lovely and lively accent.

Spanish is the second most native spoken language in the world, with over 400 million native speakers! It is second only to Mandarin Chinese. The global reach of the Spanish language is huge. There are at least 3 million native speakers in 44 countries who speak Spanish. Among all them, Porteños ( Buenos Aires people) have a very particular  vigorous accent of the Spanish language, plenty of melody as consequence of the rich influence of European immigrants in particular  from Italy and France. You will fall in love with the distinct passionate tone of Porteños that it is after all, the reflection of their personality.

At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.