Spanish Vocabulary

Subject of this week: “In the classroom (2)”,  “En el aula (2)”

If you want to study Spanish abroad and you are planning traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina and South America you will find all our World Lists very useful! 

This chapter contains Vocabulary (verbs and nouns in Spanish, useful phrases and everyday expressions) that will help foreign travelers and Spanish students to ask and talk in the classroom with the teacher and classmates. At CEDIC Argentine Institute, our Spanish school in Buenos Aires, you will be provided with this and all complete learning material.

In the classroom. / En el aula.

The teacher

El profesor, la profesora

The student

El estudiante (m) o la estudiante (f)

At what time do my lessons start?

¿A qué hora comienzan min clases?

At what time do my lessons finish?

¿A qué hora terminan mis clases?

How do you say (…) in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice (…) en español?

How do you pronounce (…) in Spanish?

¿Cómo se pronuncia (…) en español?

What does this word mean?

¿Qué significa esta palabra?

Please read lesson number one.

Por favor, lee la lección uno.

Please complete this exercise.

Por favor complete este ejercicio.

The homework

La tarea o los deberes

Do you understand?


Yes.  I do.

Sí. Comprendo

No.  I don´t.

No. No comprendo

Say again, please.

Otra vez, por favor.

Can you repeat?

¿Puedes repetir?


At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.