Special purposes spanish


Commencement day?

Any day of the week, throughout all year

How many lessons per day?

Flexible number of lessons (45 minutes each)

How long is a Special purposes Spanish Course?

Flexible number of days, weeks or months

How many students per class?

1 (just you)

Timing /Schedule

Available flexible Schedule: any day and time.


U$d 20 per class

See prices and promotions for several weeks

To whom?

Special purposes Spanish Courses are the ideal solution to students and professionals who want a really focused program. Students can choose among the following Special Spanish Language Courses:

  • Spanish lessons focused in Business and Economy
  • Spanish lessons focused in Literature
  • Spanish lessons about Argentinean History and Latin American Culture
  • Preparation for international level certification exams: DELE, CELU.
  • Spanish lessons focused in Architecture and arts

What to expect

  • Spanish lessons focused in Literature

    If you are in a journalism career, teaching career, careers in the arts and humanities sectors or just love reading literature in Spanish, we can offer a very interesting Course. This course is based on reading and analysis of books and theories, taking a more critical view of signs and words that surround us every day in a South American context.

    A course with a focus on literature typically allows students to study literary texts right through history. Often you start with modules covering a wide range of literature from different areas.

    The goal is for students to think creatively and analytically about the Spanish language and at the same time increasing their vocabulary, improving pronunciation and fluency incredibly.

  • Spanish lessons focused in Business and Economy

    These course combines General Spanish lessons to help you improve your language skills, depending on your level and specific lessons focused on deepening their understanding of the history and culture of Argentina and / or South America, while improve your grammar knowledge , writing, listening and speaking. You will develop their language skills through the study of the subjects in which you have a particular interest, while gaining an understanding of the social, cultural and historical context of the Spanish language.

  • Preparation for international level certification exams: DELE, CELU

    A recognized qualification in a foreign language can only enhance your career opportunities. We offer intensive lessons for those who are ready to work hard to support their academic objectives.

  • Spanish lessons focused in Architecture and arts

    This course is designed for students of advanced Spanish language level who study or are in careers of architecture, drawing or art.

    This course combines general Spanish classes with ones specifically focused in Argentinean architecture, combined with trips and visits to architectural works and buildings, in which the works are analyzed. Students take pictures and interacting with other students and professionals from Argentina and the world.

    You can also join the outputs with architects, painters and students from Croquiseros Urban Buenos Aires (Urban sketchers of Buenos Aires). Facebook

What we offer

  • 24 YEARS Experience that guaranty top results in all our Spanish courses
  • Flexible commencement day: start any day of the week, all year round.
  • First test session for free.
  • Special courses for all ages.
  • High-quality Spanish courses for all levels: from completely beginners to high advanced.
  • Qualified experienced and friendly teachers.
  • Small group lessons with a maximum of 5 students per class for more teacher time.
  • CEDIC guarantee: best value for money on the market.
  • Students special offers
  • Regular feedback from you to make sure your objectives are met.
  • Wide range of accommodations´ options that will suit your lifestyle, budget and needs.
  • Optional activities for students.
  • Warm and relaxing place to students and teachers.

All our Spanish courses include

  • Pre-Course preparation:
  • First lesson for free
  • Learning material for the entire Spanish course
  •  Extracurricular Argentinean cultural program
  • Hot & cold drinks
  • Free access to the school library
  • Attendance certificate at the end of all our Spanish courses
  • Optional level Spanish test at the end of all our Spanish courses
  • Total flexibility: organize a long or short term a Spanish course according to your time, budget and language goals.
At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.