Crash course for travelers


Commencement day?

Any day of the week, throughout all year

How many lessons per day?

Flexible number of lessons of 45 miinutes, based on your needs

How long is a crash course?

1, 2 or 3 weeks

How many students per class?

1 (just you) or 5 max.(you and your trip partners)

Timing /Schedule

Completely Flexible, based on your needs


U$d 95 for 5 lessons

See price list

To whom?

Our CEDIC Survival Spanish course was designed as a crash course in Spanish language basics, specially planned to:

  • Any age people wishing going to a Spanish speaking country for traveling purposes.
  • Completely beginner students or students with previous Spanish knowledge who need to build confidence in speaking for everyday travelling situations, such as at the airport and hotels, in restaurants and public transportation, while shopping and sightseeing, and much more.
  • Travelers who do not need to gain excellence in grammar or writing, but comfortable basic communication to understand and be understood by locals.
  • Travelers with limited time, who need maximum flexibility to organize their lessons schedule and at the same time have enough time for explore the city, make excursions and other cultural activities that an amazing place as Buenos Aires may offer to visitors.

How crash course for travellers works

  1. First step is to decide whether to take classes alone (just you in a class) or bring your travel partner/s to join you (they can be no more than 4 of your travelers friends or family members)
  2. Lessons are based on our audiovisual material that include Book and CDS, emphasizing listening comprehension and speaking practice, group work, role play and introduction of new practical vocabulary, to make the learning process dynamic, fun and useful.
  3. Aware of the importance of flexibility for travelers, we offer maximum freedom in the layout of these courses, therefore you will be able to organize your timetable according with your available free time and based on your trip plan
  4. What to expect: you will gain confidence for talk and understand Spanish talking people during your trip.

What we offer

  • 24 YEARS Experience that guaranty top results in all our Spanish courses
  • Flexible commencement day: start any day of the week, all year round.
  • First test session for free.
  • Special courses for all ages.
  • High-quality Spanish courses for all levels: from completely beginners to high advanced.
  • Qualified experienced and friendly teachers.
  • Small group lessons with a maximum of 5 students per class for more teacher time.
  • CEDIC guarantee: best value for money on the market.
  • Students special offers
  • Regular feedback from you to make sure your objectives are met.
  • Wide range of accommodations´ options that will suit your lifestyle, budget and needs.
  • Optional activities for students.
  • Warm and relaxing place to students and teachers.

All our Spanish courses include

  • Pre-Course preparation:
  • First lesson for free
  • Learning material for the entire Spanish course
  •  Extracurricular Argentinean cultural program
  • Hot & cold drinks
  • Free access to the school library
  • Attendance certificate at the end of all our Spanish courses
  • Optional level Spanish test at the end of all our Spanish courses
  • Total flexibility: organize a long or short term a Spanish course according to your time, budget and language goals.
At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.