Spanish lessons, prices and promotions 2017

Super SpecialPromo!
10 classes forUSD $80in company lessons

Benefits for your convenience:

  • Try and then pay. Take and experience your lessons first and then pay only if you are 100% satisfied with them.
  • Are you also looking for accommodations´ best prices on market? See below our promotional Packages.
  • Special Classes with 10% off discount for Brazilian students.
  • No registration fee

All fees covers:

  • Learning material: 1 grammar summary for all levels, theoretical and practical activities and exercises for the whole Spanish Course.
  • Spanish Placement Level test and Certificate of attendance at the end of the Spanish Course.
  • Coffee, tea & typical mate service.
  • Discounts on workshops and trips around Argentina and Uruguay (Ask for assistance on Buenos Aires and Argentina current Tourism promotions)

Spanish Group lessons

CEDIC In company Spanish group classes have 5 students per class maximum. 

1 week-long2 to 4 week-longover 5 week-long
5 group lessons per weekUSD 90/weekUSD 80/weekUSD 80/week
10 group lessons per weekUSD 80/weekUSD 75 /weekUSD 70 /week
15 group lessons per weekUSD 75 /weekUSD 75/weekUSD 70/week
Additional group lessonUSD 8USD 7,5USD 7

Note: All prices are in US dollars and based on a payment made in cash US dollars. Ask for fees in AR$ pesos or Euros).  

Spanish Private lessons (one-to-one sessions)

Our Spanish one-to-one tuitions have total flexible hours to fit your schedule.

PRIVATE 1 week-long2 to 4 weeks-longover 5 week-long
1-4 lesson (less than 5)USD 25 per lessonUSD 25 per lessonUSD 20 per lesson
5 private lessonsUSD 95/week USD 90/weekUSD 85/week
10 private lessonsUSD 160/weekUSD 160USD 15/week
Additional private lessonfrom USD 16from USD 16from USD 15

Note: All prices are in US dollars and based on a payment made in cash US dollars. Ask for fees in AR$ pesos or Euros.


Semi-private Spanish group lessons

You and your partner or colleague with similar Spanish level can make your own semi-private group!

1 week3 weeksover 5 weeks
Semi-private lessons (only 2 students)USD 10 per lessonUSD 9 per lessonUSD 8 per lesson

Note: All prices are in US dollars and based on a payment made in cash US dollars. Ask for fees in AR$ pesos or Euros.

Special Spanish classes; ONLINE Spanish lessons; and CRASH Spanish course for travelers:

Our Spanish private lessons for special purposes include Preparation for DELE International test, Literature, Business, Argentinean history and culture, Fluency, writing. Flexible hours to fit your schedule.

Online Spanish lessons:start improving your Spanish whenever and wherever you are!

Crash course will give you the basis to “survive” Spanish during your trip.

Special Spanish classes 1 week course:
USD 200
2 weeks:
USD 380
Over 5 weeks:
USD 180 per week
Online private Spanish lessons USD 16 per lessonUSD 16 per lessonUSD 15 per lesson
Travelers Spanish Crash Course:
includes 5 intensive lessons in 1 week
(45 minutes long per class)
USD 95/week USD 90/week USD 87/week

Special Discounts

Brazilians and University Exchange Program students: for students who will attend an Argentinean University such as UBA, UCA, UP, UB, etc. and AIESEC members have additional discounts in long term courses.

PROMOTIONS  Ask fees for our Spanish lessons + accommodation packages that include accommodation at the apartment located on the same building of our School (save up time and money!!!), learning material for the whole course, certificate of attendance and registration fee, and airport transfer service!!!

  • PACKAGE 1.1: 1 Week: 10 Spanish group lessons + accommodation for 1 week (single room)
  • PACKAGE 1.2: 1 Week: 10 Spanish group lessons + accommodation for 1 week (single room) +5 private lessons
  • PACKAGE 1.3: 1 Week: Intensive 20 Spanish group lessons + accommodation for 1 week (single room at a home-stay)
  • PACKAGE 2: 2 weeks: 40 Spanish lessons + accommodation (single room at a home-stay for 2 weeks)
  • PACKAGE 3.2 for COUPLES: Immersion Spanish Program: 20 Spanish lessons per student + accommodation in a shared apartment + transfer service
  • PACKAGE 3.1 for COUPLES: 2 weeks: intensive 20 Spanish lessons per student + accommodation  for 2 weeks in a great private apartment

Ask for other combinations. We can make a plan according to your needs, budget and free available time!

Tango Lessons + Spanish lessons

Take Spanish and tango lessons in Buenos Aires, with top level instructors from “La Escuela de Tango” , in small groups of 4, for students of all levels and ages, with flexible timetables. All packages below include learning material for the whole course, certificate of attendance; 90 minutes each tango lessons. Take advantage of the best prices in market:

  • PACKAGE 1: 1 Week: 4 tango lessons + 10 Spanish group lessons
  • PACKAGE 2: 2 weeks: 8 tango lessons + 20 Spanish group lessons
  • PACKAGE 3: Intensive 4 weeks: 16 tango lessons + 40 Spanish group lessons
  • PACKAGE 4: Immersion tango and Spanish Program: 8 weeks: 20 tango lessons + 80 Spanish lessons s

Ask for longer term Courses and different combinations. We can make a plan according to your needs, budget and free available time!

Way of payment, Terms and Conditions

ACCOMMODATION and TRANSFER SERVICE: Payment in advanced is required only for Accommodation and transfer services, via bank transfer or via Western Union.  

SPANISH COURSES: However payment in advance is not required for the Spanish Course. To offer to our students 100% guarantee of contentment of the courses, they first take, experience and then pay on a weekly basis, unless they want to benefit from a promotion or discount, in which case payment must be made in advance. More classes can be scheduled indefinitely on a weekly basis. Students can also travel or take a pause whenever they want and continue their Spanish lessons once they come back and resume them at the point they had left. This flexible way of payment allows our students to see how it goes first and subsequently choose the Course they want to take on every week according to their needs, time and budget. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Spanish in company classes and private Spanish lessons: Classes can be rescheduled if notice is given 48 hours prior to the class. Otherwise, Spanish classes may not be rescheduled. Amounts paid are non refundable. Accommodations: According to the agreement we have with our host families and other accommodations owners, once the reservation is made it cannot be cancelled. Amounts paid are non refundable.

AVAILABILITY: when there were not any available GROUP CLASS of appropriate level for the student, private hours will be assigned instead, making an equivalence of price of group lessons versus private hours (2 group hours = 1 private hour ).

Availability and Prices subject to modification without prior notice.

At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.