Silent films

Silent films, in the gardens of San Isidro, Buenos Aires

Outdoors and with free entry From now until December 4, there will be the third installment of Film and Music Festival of San Isidro (Buenos Aires, Argentina) with free admission. The meeting proposed masterpieces of silent film accompanied by live music composed and performed by local artists. – On – Friday December 3th2010, The Black Eagle (1925), Clarence Brown, with Rudolph Valentino. – – On Saturday December 4th, 2010, in the Paseo de los Tres Ombúes (Beccar Varela 700, San Isidro), The Temptress, 1926,  Fred Niblo, with Greta Garbo, Collage and accompanied by rumors, by of Chotsourian, Mary Noel and Arauco Luzardo Yepes. The projections, made outdoors, have a perfect setting: the homes and iconic historical sites of San Isidro. A night tour of gardens, residences and places complete with a gastronomic menu designed with a theme drinks [View menus for each meeting of the Festival] connected to the plot of each film conceived and created by the CESYT of San Isidro.

Also within this third edition of the Festival will take place the presentation of the Dictionary of Argentine cinema.

This page (see link below) is an instructional video:


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