Partner school in Córdoba, Argentina


Our partner Spanish School in Córdoba have been precursory in the fields of art, design and communication for fifteen years. Rigorous programs, curricular innovation, new uses of the technology and a global perspective of the design and the communication have become characteristic of our philosophy: The impulse to recreate, to open new horizons and to reject existing concepts.

The Spanish Certificate Program  for foreign students is an integral part of the school’s mission. Group classes are strictly limited to 5 students per class, thereby enabling full individual participation and a lively and elegant atmosphere. The instructors are professional speakers with extensive teaching experience and hold advanced degrees in various fields.


  • We offer: a unique teaching approach that concentrates on enhancing your Spanish communication skills from the first day;
  • the best prices on market;
  • beautiful and elegant classrooms that provide a comfortable and relaxed environment;
  • student-centered approach with both private & small group seminars and many scheduling options.


  • Introducing Integrative Program One: 20 hours total – one week long – Daily classes. U$D 130-  The student starts to speak Spanish from the first day. Upon completing this level the student will have a repertoire of basic language to deal with everyday situations with predictable content.
  • Introducing Intensive Program Two: 20 hours total – one week long – Daily classes. U$D 130-  The student will be able to produce brief everyday expressions in order to satisfy simple needs of a concrete type: describe personal details, daily routines, wants and needs, requests for information, narrate past events, write simple personal letters, postcards, notes and forms.


Outside the classroom, the students are encouraged to immerse themselves in Spanish and Latin American culture by participating in school’s events and by facilitating their participation in field trips, readings, musical and dramatic performances, art exhibitions and restaurant events around Córdoba.


Called the Heartland of Argentina for its location in the geographical center of the country in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas on the Río Suquía, Córdoba is the second largest Argentinean city.  Córdoba combines colonial past, tradition, modernity and nature. The first Argentinean University was founded in this province and since then Córdoba has been renowned as a vibrant University City with amazing youthful atmosphere. Córdoba has a strong colonial history with many Jesuit religious and secular buildings together with a number o museums and churches.  The city has many popular parks where tourists can join locals and enjoying the scenery. Due to its proximity to the mountains, in Córdoba you will find a variety range of excursions, trips, adventure and/or extreme sports alternatives such as mountain biking, golf, parasailing, wing shooting, 4WD, horseback riding, climbing, trekking, spelunking.

Given the importance of language skills as a prerequisite for success in a global market, the Institute is committed to providing the very best in Spanish instruction.

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At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.