Jazz in Buenos Aires

On Wednesday , the 8th of December 2010, a national holiday in Argentina,  Jazz.10 offers a rich program with nine (9) free concerts from 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM, in the courtyard of the “Patio del Aljibe” and the Terrace of the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina (all for free)

– All start at 15.30 hs with Frank Carlberg Quintet.
– At 17 pm with Fernando Tarrés on the Terrace (see separate article). At the same time will present the quartet and guitarist Pierre Hugo Ricardo Lew with his “friends” in the “Patio Aljibe”
– Right there in the courtyard Aljibe Recoleta Cultural Center, from 18 pm will be the time of Ricardo Nolé Tempering.
– And on the Terrace, at the same time, 18 hours, will play the quartet of pianist Andrew Beeuwsaert.
– Later at 19 pm, will be the turn of the eccentric Uruguayan Masliah.
– In the courtyard, at the same time, rise to stage the Indigo Trio and Leo Alvarez.
– The closing of the marathon jazzy foresees at 20 pm recital by Paula Shocrón Orchestra.
– At 21 pm the presentation of trumpeter-conductor-host and gracious host each night jam session, Gillespie (pictured).
– CINEMA: Parallel to such music, at 18 h in the Microcinema will screen “Blow,” the film about the saxophonist Martin Bidau Ricardo Cavalli. At the end, the public can converse with the director and musician. In this regard, there is a little story to tell. At the time of initiating the first edition of Buenos Aires Jazz in October 2008, Bidau began filming his movie about the club Thelonious Cavalli, one of the most important scene jazzy Buenos Aires. Two years later, closing Wednesday for the 2010 edition, you can see the result of that work!


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