Did you now that?

 “Efemérides” is a Spanish word that means the anniversaries of significant events which took place on this day in history. Let´s see below what happened a day like today, but many years ago…

A day like today, June 16

• 1216 – Pope Innocent III dies.
• 1817 – San Martín was appointed General in Chief of the Army of Chile.
• 1865 – Starts in Buenos Aires the Faculty of Engineering.
• 1889 – Arthur Stanley Jefferson was born Stan, Hardy, American actor.
• 1900 – The Cuban people voted the country’s first constitution.
• 1910 – Arizona and New Mexico become states of the Union.
• 1917 – opens in Russia the first Congress of Soviets.
• 1937 – born Erich Segal, writer, author of “Love Story.”
• 1944 – World War II: Allied offensive in Italy against the German line Florence-Pisa-Rimini.
• 1950 – opens the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
• 1961 – Rudolf Nureyev requests asylum in Paris.
• 1963 – The Soviet army officer Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman astronaut.
• 1977 – Death of Werner von Braun, German engineer and physicist, one of the fathers of the atomic bomb.
• 1978 – United States and Panama agree to the transfer of the canal in 2000.
• 1987 – Some 160 people die when a ship wrecked in the river Brahmani in India, full of crocodiles.
• 1989 – Raul Alfonsín announced the country to resign as president of Argentina.
• 1989 – premier of the film “Ghostbusters II.”
• 1991 – Boris Yeltsin is elected President of Russia.
• 1992 – U.S. and Russia announce the beginning of a new era of mutual trust and cooperation on a democratic and non-nuclear threats.
• 1999 – The members of the space mission STS-95 Discovery, Pedro Duque, John Glenn and Chiaki Mukai, and Russian cosmonaut Valeri Poliakov, are awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation.

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