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Tango and Spanish Program in Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish and Tango! Take  Spanish and tango lessons in Buenos Aires, with top level instructors from “La Escuela de Tango de Claudia Bozo” (see photos below), in small groups of  4, for students of all levels and ages, with flexible  timetables. Visit the most important tango clubs and Milongas on Buenos Aires. PROMOTION 1: […]

Students and Tango director, Prof. Claudia Bozzo

Tango 2

TANGO: “The origin of tango” (PART 2)

  Tango, the prohibited dancing Condemned by the Church and banned by the police for inciting the scandal, that dance was associated with lust and fun “non sancta” together with drinking. Until the early nineteenth century, that prohibition forced to dance in hidden places so its nostalgic atmosphere of passion. Shrouded in the darkness of […]

TANGO: “The origin of tango” (PART 3)

REINFORCING of Tango in the new century. In 1910 the tango was danced in Paris, rapidly expanding its popularity around the world. Glamour conquered the highest sectors of society and was danced in almost all European capitals. Those responsible for presentation in the halls of the Old World were young male children of traditional families […]


Tango lessons

If you are in Buenos Aires to learn or improve your tango, we have designed intensive and integrated courses of instruction ranging from beginning to advanced levels. These classes are not only conducted by teachers from the school but also include Argentine partners who know the culture and history of tango, and the proper manners for the social dances, the “milongas”, of tango.

At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.