Buenos Aires city tour

Buenos Aires city tourPlaza de Mayo in downtown Buenos Aires, Casa de Gobierno, or the Government House (Casa Rosada), Headquarters of Banco de la Nación Argentina, Catedral, Cabildo (town hall in Colonial times), banking district, Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.

We will observe the town from the place of its foundation and its gradual evolution to its most recent addition: Puerto Madero.

You will be able to witness its growth from its foundation stone in 1580, gradual evolution, its different neighborhoods ( San Telmo, San Nicolás, La Boca, Montserrat, Retiro, Recoleta, Palermo), along with their cultural diversity up to its most recent addition: Puerto Madero.

This tour will include other areas not frequently known by tourists.

Total length: optional 3 or 6 hours

At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.