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West Argentina: Cuyo region, part I

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 At CEDIC Spanish School in Buenos Aires, our teachers always use a portion of the Spanish classes to debate, talk  and give information about Argentinean tourism. Our students who take lessons of Spanish talk  about their experiences, ask many questions and…learn a lot of Spanish!!!

Today we will talk about Cuyo.

The region of Cuyo is located at the center-west of Argentina and comprises the provinces of San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis and La Rioja.


In Cuyo area prevails mountainous and sparsely vegetation with desert climatic. As economic activity predominates the cultivation of grapes (“uvas” in Spanish language) and manufacture of wines (“vinos”), being this area the leading wine producer in South America. This region has been recognized for the excellence of its grapes and wine. Tourism keeps growing and growing!


Due to the extreme arid climatic conditions, irrigation is necessary. The lands cultivated with vines are surrounded by trees whose function is to stop the Andean winds. Private and public policies are more oriented to the world market than domestic. Therefore, fine wines are produced preferentially.


 This region of arid climate and horizons with mountains, has beautiful geographic attractions. In Mendoza, in the Aconcagua National Park, we can find the Aconcagua, the mountain has 6962 meters. This is the highest mountain in the America and is the most frequented by climbers from around the world.


 Located in Las Leñas valley in the South of Mendoza Province, inside of the Andes, one of the venues for major ski and snowboarding is also in this Province.

las leñas mendoza

 In the heart of Mendoza, San Rafael is a center of attraction for both Argentinean tourists and foreign visitors.  We can see amazing Andean landscapes with stormy rivers and great wineries.

san rafael mendoza


Let´s learn some new Vocabulary in Spanish language. You will find these words in the text above.

VINO =wine

UVA = grape

BODEGA = winery

PAISAJE = landscape


At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.