Argentina, is located at the southern tip of South America. It borders Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. The country has 23 provinces and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires, which is the capital of Argentina and is also the seat of federal government.
The official language is Spanish and is spoken by almost all Argentines.
The cultural roots are predominantly of European origin, which is reflected in its architectural styles, literature, music and customs.
Argentina is known for hosting the most stunning natural beauty, because of its length in an extremely diverse country with many types of terrain and climate and many scenic areas.
Argentina’s cuisine is very popular internationally, especially for the quality and flavor of beef and excellent wines. The typical Argentine meals are roast, pies and locro. Due to influences generated by immigration, other specialties that stand out are: pasta, gnocchi and pizza.
As for music, mention the city of Buenos Aires is synonymous with “tango” or “Gardel “, the most representative of this musical style.
Welcome to this wonderful country where the beautiful landscapes, cultural richness and warmth of its people are its main hosts.

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