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Pasado Perfecto Compuesto (yo he caminado)  Very good Good No
Pasado Perfecto Simple (yo caminé)  Very good Good No
Pasado Imperfecto (yo caminaba)  Very good Good No
Pasado Pluscuamperfecto (yo había caminado)  Very good Good No
Modo Imperativo (camina tú)  Very good Good No
Modo Potencial “Condicional” (yo caminaría):  Very good Good No
Presente Subjuntivo (que yo camine)  Very good Good No
Imperfecto Subjuntivo (que yo caminara)  Very good Good No
Perfecto Compuesto Subjuntivo (que yo haya caminado)  Very good Good No
Pluscuamperfecto Subjuntivo (yo hubiera caminado)  Very good Good No

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Travel and Study Abroad Program

If you want to continue improving your Spanish language during your trip you can extend your Spanish Course with our partner schools in Argentina (with or without accommodations.)

I´d like to receive further information about…
 yes The Partner school in Salta
 yes The Partner school in Córdoba
 yes The Partner school in Bariloche
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At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.