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“CEDIC is run by a young family with real family values and that’s the kind of atmosphere that pervades all around.”

 In 1989, Professor Susana Bernardi, Graduated as “Licenciada en Filosofía y Letras Clásicas” from the prestigious University of Córdoba, Argentina, founded CEDIC. She was the author of the first Spanish Language textbook and CD written in Argentina “¿Qué tal? Curso de Español en Argentina.” She, together with my sister, my husband and me, are the owners and members of CEDIC´s Teachers staff. We all have been exclusively devoted to teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

We, at CEDIC use and develop our own teaching materials. We also supply students with materials tailored to their specific needs and according to their language skills, such as news reports, magazine articles, stories, novels, etc. Our library contains materials of not only Argentinean authors but also of well-known Latin American and Spanish authors. At CEDIC Spanish learning center we are proud of our results. An amazingly high percentage of our students have been referred to by our former students. This fact encourages us to keep growing and giving our very best!

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At our Spanish Language School, you will be encourage to speak Spanish from the very first and to interact with local people.