TANGO: “The origin of tango” (PART 3)

REINFORCING of Tango in the new century.

In 1910 the tango was danced in Paris, rapidly expanding its popularity around the world. Glamour conquered the highest sectors of society and was danced in almost all European capitals.

Those responsible for presentation in the halls of the Old World were young male children of traditional families in Buenos Aires, who used to be present at the places of Buenos Aires where tango was danced to the chagrin and embarrassment of the society of Buenos Aires , who still looked doubtfully for his outrageous and shameful history. Final acceptance took a little longer until it was seen as a necessity of popular expression.

The evolution of the choreography kept Tango alive and well. This permanent changes made that this music didn´t die.

Jorge Luis Borges, the famous Argentine writer, devoted many pages to stories of “malevos” or “guapos”, fed by his own experiences and by the myths that these characters represented.

Hollywood made tango popular in North America, through the figure of Rudolph Valentino, who danced tango dressed in gaucho clothing (see picture 2 above).

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